S/No. Full Name Institution Issued On Valid Until Certification No. Status
1 Kathleen Chepkemoi ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC432985
2 Joanne M. Tabuke ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC432991
3 Felistus Njoki Nderitu ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC433001
4 Florence Wairimu Gichogo ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC433010
5 Rose Ngui Muteshi ACHRP 12:04:2024 31:12:2024 CWC432261
6 Caroline Wambui ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC432984
7 Clarah Wacharo Mwanyuma ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC432986
8 Salome Wanja Waiyaki ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC432999
9 Benjamin Munguti Mweu ACHRP 12:04:2024 30:12:2024 CWC433003
10 Betty Christine Mukami Muriuki ACHRP 12:04:2024 31:12:2024 CWC433087
11 Susan Nthenya Kiilu ACHRP 27:10:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432479
12 Millicent Waithera ACHRP 27:10:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432770
13 Gladys Atambo ACHRP 27:10:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432765
14 Agnes Mwikali Mumo ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432257
15 Bridget Martha Njambi ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432262
16 Denis Kiptoo Rutto ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC68373
17 Millicent Wambui Maara ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432256
18 Mohammed Abdifatah ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC432450
19 Myla Shiguri ACHRP 26:05:2023 31:12:2023 CWC68346
20 Joseph Kipngetich Tonui ACHRP 30:06:2022 31:12:2022 CWC00249
21 Jacob Akuta Kanyandong ACHRP 30:06:2022 31:12:2022 CWC00258
22 Peter Muroncia ACHRP 30:06:2022 31:12:2022 CWC00147
23 Ambrose Juma Wafula ACHRP 30:06:2022 31:12:2022 CWC00252
24 Den Peters Ngotho Gathitu IPM 04:12:2021 31:12:2021 CWC00033
15/03/2022 - 18/03/2022 4 Day(s) 6 60,000 Lake Naivasha Resort ACHRP training@achrp.org 0722300245 Apply Now


This certification program qualifies participants as Certified Workplace Counselor (CWC) ® upon successful completion.

The Certified Workplace Counselor certification program aims to equip working professionals with a better understanding on how to manage workplace relationships effectively. On top of equipping participants with a foundation in Counseling knowledge and skills, participants will learn how to facilitate better communication in the workplace, manage workplace conflicts and more.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

(a) Gain knowledge about major approaches to Counseling and psychotherapy

(b) Receive training in Counseling skills and practice

(c) Understand the ethical and professional issues faced by Counselors in human service industries

(d) Gain knowledge and skills in working with different client groups and specific client issues

(e) Prepare to face issues and employ Counseling methods specifically for the workplace setting.


• Introduction to Counseling

• Counselor Awareness

• Counseling Skills

• Counseling Process and Model

• Cognitive Interventions

• The Therapeutic Alliance

• Major theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy

• Theory-based Intervention Techniques/Styles

• Human Lifespan Development

• Counseling Specific Client Groups

• Multicultural Issues in Counseling

• Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Grief and Loss

• Self-esteem Issues

• Addiction Issues

• Relationship Issues

• Trauma

• Cooperative Communication

• Speaking and Listening Skills

• Development of Communication Process

• Cultural and Individual Differences

• Culture Appropriate Communication

• Overcoming Barriers to Communication

• Following and Delegating

• Supervise Tasks

• Supporting Effective Operation

• Conflicts in the Workplace

• Problem Solving Techniques

• Negotiation

• Building and Maintaining External Relationships


1. As a mark of recognition a successful candidate is entitled to use the designatory title "CWC®” after their names.

2. A successful candidate will also be able to call him or herself a Certified Workplace Counselor.


1. HR Professionals with over 2 years working experience who wish to develop workplace counseling skills and knowledge for application in their work areas.

2. Be a member of the Institute of Human Resource Management in order to fulfill the candidate’s continuous professional development obligations after certification.

3. Successfully complete the certification course & pass all Competency-Based Assessments with an Authorized Educational Institution.